Latin America Capital Flight

GrayRobinson’s Latin America capital flight practice group serves to support those repatriating capital back to the U.S. due to emergent instability in Latin America. In addition, the group is well-versed in the needs of those evacuees in the complex process of exiting home countries in crisis with family and assets intact. With a broad range of services offered across the State of Florida and Washington, D.C., GrayRobinson professionals are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses take advantage of any protections offered through both economic and diplomatic means, weigh the risks associated with various U.S. economic and/or trade sanctions, and in dealing with the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Alternatively, as regime changes take place in Latin America, GrayRobinson’s experience in international business and transactional law is available to vet commercial interests and support corporate expansion into Latin America.

Various services offered by our Latin America capital flight team include: