In the life cycle of a corporation, officers and directors need solid counsel from professionals who understand the challenges of, as well as opportunities, of emerging businesses. The GrayRobinson securities team has a wide range of experience in helping businesses from small, local enterprises to large, multimillion-dollar companies. Our services range from advising clients on the best form of business entity for their particular situation to completing complex acquisitions, mergers, and sales of large businesses. We help clients acquire initial financing for new, small start-up ventures, and we assist larger business clients in private and public securities offerings; large, complicated loan transactions and other financing arrangements.

  • Serving the Needs of Emerging Businesses

    The GrayRobinson securities team's experience extends to structuring private placements, negotiating with venture capitalists and securities underwriters, and preparing disclosure documents and registration materials for the Securities and Exchange Commission and state securities administrators. The securities team frequently assists clients in developing creative means of obtaining financing, including preferred stock issuances, private placements of limited partner equity interests, subordinated debt and issuances of debt instruments with equity participation features.

  • Representing Public Companies

    Some of the public companies for which we have acted as general counsel and securities counsel include:

    • Autonomous Technologies Corp.
    • Philip Crosby Associates, Inc.
    • Planet Hollywood, Inc.
    • Sawtek, Inc.
  • Depth of Experience

    As counsel for dozens of public and private securities offerings, our team of skilled attorneys has represented New York Stock Exchange companies, American Stock Exchange companies and companies traded on NASDAQ. We have proactively represented companies seeking startup or expansion financing, whether from banks and similar financial institutions, venture capitalists and securities underwriters or firm private sources. The securities team works with other GrayRobinson attorneys who practice exclusively in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, executive compensation planning, investment management, private equity, SEC enforcement, and technology and intellectual property matters for the best possible client outcome. GrayRobinson takes the time to learn about clients' businesses, and we view our relationships with our clients as longterm, so solutions to problems and evaluation of opportunities are tailored to our clients' specific situations and needs.