As South Florida continues to play a key role as the gateway to Latin America and is a key market for international trade and finance, it is important to have dependable, dynamic and multilingual legal counsel to advise you with your business needs. GrayRobinson's international practice is one of the premier international law practices in Florida.

Our international lawyers have advised U.S. and multinational clients on a wide range of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, securities, syndicated and secured lending, project finance, debt restructuring, as well as complex construction and other international disputes.

For foreign companies and investors interested in establishing their businesses in Florida or in the U.S., we provide our clients with a wide range of legal services to make the transition as smooth as possible. Immediately below is a list of some of the practice areas in which our international clients typically need advice.  From time to time, our international clients require advice in other practice areas, which may be found here.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with foreign lawyers throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia, and we work closely with them when the need arises to execute on matters requiring local support.

  • Business Formation and Corporate

    GrayRobinson has experience in the formation and establishment of businesses in Florida and in the U.S. We utilize various means of structuring these opportunities, including franchises, joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, branches, foreign companies, agency and distributor relationships. Tax matters are considered and addressed in order to minimize each client's worldwide taxes.

    Our lawyers have experience in advising international clients in the maintenance of proper corporate governance and reporting to state authorities.

  • International Tax

    Our taxation attorneys have experience in virtually all aspects of tax law, with a focus on the taxation of corporations, partnerships and international transactions. We advise clients on the most tax efficient means (while addressing necessary business considerations) of forming operating entities and structuring reorganizations, financing arrangements, acquisitions and dispositions and incentive arrangements.

    The conduct of overseas activities by our clients is structured with a focus on minimizing the worldwide taxation of their multinational operations and obtaining the greatest possible tax deferrals. Care is taken that the appropriate type of entity and ownership structure is utilized with respect to the conduct of operations in a particular foreign country. 

  • Franchising, Licensing and Intellectual Property Rights

    Our franchising lawyers have experience in negotiating, drafting and implementing single and multilocation licensing and franchising arrangements as a means of funding expansion and/or promotion, both internationally and within the U.S. We have assisted companies in establishing franchised locations in more than 35 countries. We aggressively ensure each of our client's intellectual property rights are fully protected, and that they retain all necessary controls over the use of the trade name and concept. Protections are developed within the agreements to ensure the integrity of the intellectual property is fully maintained and that future enhancements thereto inure to the benefit of our clients, whether as franchisors or licensors. Companies and individuals seek out GrayRobinson's experience and knowledge in intellectual property matters. From start to finish, our intellectual property lawyers can direct you through the process of obtaining copyrights and trademarks and protecting valuable trade and business secrets. They are also experienced in enforcing rights related to trademark and copyright matters, including copyright and trademark infringement actions.

  • Trade Secrets and Non-Competition Agreements

    The firm has considerable experience in both drafting and counseling clients about employment contracts, confidentiality and trade secret agreements, noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements. The firm has litigated issues relating to these kinds of agreements on behalf of its clients.

  • Business Immigration

    Whether you are a corporation seeking to employ a foreign national or a foreign individual making an investment, GrayRobinson’s immigration attorneys will enable you to effectively navigate the applicable U.S. immigration laws to facilitate your needs. Our team works with GrayRobinson attorneys in other practice areas firm-wide - Labor and Employment, Tax, and Corporate are good examples - to offer a wealth of cross-disciplinary experience to respond to immigration issues presenting themselves in a variety of industries - telecommunications, software and technology, health care, transportation, financial services, education, broadcasting, film and other media, sports, manufacturing, and hospitality.

  • Real Estate and Finance

    Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing the precise documents required to effectively complete complex real estate transactions. With direct computer links to data, we produce prompt and efficient title information and title insurance for clients. Our firm has served as counsel for a number of banks and savings and loan associations for many years and has developed experience in all aspects of commercial lending, particularly commercial real estate financing.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation

    GrayRobinson's alternative dispute resolution (ADR) attorneys provide ADR services in countless areas. Our ADR attorneys have experience in a myriad of commercial, business, real estate and employment disputes. Whether as mediators, arbitrators or voluntary trial resolution judges, our ADR attorneys have a solid history of facilitating conflict resolution agreements in domestic and international disputes.

  • Admiralty and Maritime

    GrayRobinson provides a broad range of quality legal services in admiralty and maritime litigation and transactions. Our admiralty and maritime attorneys represent all facets of the maritime industry including marine insurers and underwriters, vessel owners, operators, repairers, managers, lenders, manufacturers and terminal operators. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation and transactions touching virtually all marine matters including personal injury and wrongful death, hull and machinery claims, cargo disputes, charter party formation and disputes, ship financing and sales, pollution incidents, groundings, collisions, explosions, fires and regulatory matters.

  • Cuba Matters

    Our international lawyers have experience advising U.S. clients in matters involving trade with or travel to Cuba and stays abreast of changing U.S. laws and regulations and of developments in U.S.-Cuba relations. We assist clients in obtaining specific licenses for restricted activities in Cuba. We advise clients in the structuring of business transactions permissible under the U.S. law. For U.S. businesses interested in protecting or reclaiming confiscated assets, our firm will represent clients seeking legal remedies before governmental agencies and courts.

  • Alcohol and Beverage

    GrayRobinson's Alcohol Industry Team focuses on the manufacture, distribution, retail sale and consumption of licensed beverages. Our alcohol attorneys have experience representing clients in all segments and at all levels of the U.S. three-tiered system. We also have international experience with licensed beverage importers and exporters.

  • Aviation

    GrayRobinson's aviation attorneys have worked with the Federal Aviation Authority and local aviation authorities on a variety of matters, including ports of entry status and establishing new international flights. We have assisted clients in interpreting FAA regulations and obtaining building height variances and "no hazard" determinations, including negotiating flight approach procedures with the FAA and modifying county and municipal codes to clear zones for buildings along flight paths. We have extensive experience negotiating construction contracts for airport improvements (including a $2 billion expansion project). GrayRobinson's aviation attorneys have represented clients in an array of other aviation matters, including domestic aircraft transactions and complex leveraged-lease transactions for fixed-base operators handling hangars, fuel, supplies, towing, maintenance services and aircraft storage. We also have represented a wide range of buyers and sellers of aircraft, aircraft manufacturers, pilots, aircraft leasing companies, airlines in fleet acquisition, and lenders in conventional secured financial transactions.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    GrayRobinson's mergers and acquisitions lawyers have developed a solid reputation for brokering multimillion-dollar deals, including the largest merger ever in Central Florida. We have counseled our clients through complex reorganizations, including mergers, spin-offs, consolidations, liquidations, and corporate or financial restructures. Significant transactions have ranged in size from $1 million to $1.2 billion. Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers understand the various cycles of a growing business, from establishing an entity through the culmination of the venture. Our skilled attorneys possess a broad range of experience across industries that few Florida law firms can offer.

  • Sports and Entertainment

    The firm's entertainment attorneys offer comprehensive legal services for high-profile individuals and businesses, including traditional transactional and contract counseling, negotiating and drafting of agreements in music, film, television, sports, and book publishing. As a full-service firm with diverse areas of practice, GrayRobinson extends its experience to athletes and entertainers by providing legal counsel on asset management, intellectual property, copyright, trust and estate planning, corporate entity formation, real estate transactions and financing. We have litigated disputes involving international entertainment contracts and intellectual property rights in domestic and international courts.

  • Customs Law

    For import, export and logistics companies, our international trade attorneys provide advice and representation for issues involving U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  

  • International Trade Law

    For import, export and logistics companies, we provide advice and representation on a variety of international trade matters involving Federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies. 

  • Export Controls

    For import, export and logistics companies, our customs attorneys provide advice and representation on matters related to the importation of merchandise into the United States and the exportation of merchandise from the United States, including compliance and enforcement actions by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), U.S. Department of Commerce, and the Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC), U.S. Department of the Treasury. Visit the customs and international trade law group page for more details.