GrayRobinson has been involved in the areas of petroleum regulation and litigation for over 40 years. The firm's respected petroleum practice has achieved federal, state and local success and continues its track record of being one of the most authoritative voices in today's petroleum market. With a history of being on the forefront of issues, GrayRobinson continues to be a proven advisor, counselor, author and advocate in this crucial field.

Since the mid-'70s, GrayRobinson's petroleum lawyers have taken the lead in industry topics in the state, with our principal attorneys holding key positions, such as general counsel for the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, and ushering in landmark legislation. Development and passage of the Florida Convenience Business Security Act, which regulates retail motor fuel and convenience store operator liability is also the mark of our skills. The firm's lawyers also played a crucial role as chief legislative architect of the Motor Fuel Marketing Practices Act that proscribes predatory retail pricing and product allocation practices, and has litigated its constitutionality and its enforcement provisions.

Our petroleum attorneys have helped shape the face of crude oil cleanup, serving as principal legal advisor and legislative advocate in the development of Florida's petroleum contamination cleanup statute. GrayRobinson’s petroleum lawyers remain influential in the development of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's rules regarding underground storage tank requirements, replacement schedules, monitoring equipment, cleanup techniques and contractor payment issues. Winning praise as more than merely a state achievement, the underground petroleum storage tank and petroleum cleanup law is now recognized as the model statute in the country and has been adopted by a majority of states. As legislative counsel, the firm achieved funding of $160 million for the contamination cleanup program for 2008.

The firm has had equal impact at the federal level. Our petroleum lawyers have represented petroleum marketers before the U.S. Department of Energy on federal motor and diesel fuel allocation and price control issues. Working closely with the developers of federal petroleum franchise legislation, our lawyers were involved with the development of the federal Petroleum Marketing Practices Act and now advise petroleum clients on compliance with this federal act. Our petroleum attorneys  advise industry leaders on state and local taxation issues, deceptive and unfair trade practices, labor and employment, antitrust and franchise matters.

GrayRobinson’s petroleum lawyers appear throughout the history of petroleum expansion from the 1970s forward as experienced counsel relied upon by industry, regulatory agencies and legislative bodies to provide practical and effective advocacy in the administrative, judicial and legislative arenas. In this regard, our attorneys have authored law review articles, magazine articles and newsletters covering virtually every aspect of petroleum regulation and will continue to contribute to this field. Success in such numerous facets of the petroleum market illustrates GrayRobinson's superior commitment and ability to meet your company's needs.