Our construction attorneys bring together more than a century of collective experience. The GrayRobinson construction law team is one of the largest construction law firm departments in Florida and has litigated hundreds of millions of dollars in construction disputes ranging from simple construction lien disputes to major public and private works and facilities projects throughout the state.

  • Project Types
    • Sewage Treatment Plants
    • Water and Stormwater Management Systems
    • Underground Storage Tanks
    • Pipeline Projects
    • County Buildings
    • Jails
    • Convention/Civic Centers
    • Courthouses
    • Schools and Airports
    • Condominiums
    • Federal Buildings
    • Military Facilities
    • Roadways and Interstates
    • Coal-and Gas-Fired Power Plants
    • Major Industrial Process Facilities
    • Gas and Wind Turbine Generators
    • Dredging and Marine Construction
    • Airports and Aviation Construction
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems
    • Sports and Entertainment Facilities
  • Examples of Complex Construction Law Cases
    • Martin County Courthouse indoor air quality design and construction
    • Fire-retardant wood cases concerning over 1,000 Orange County homes
    • Structural failure of field-welded steel trusses at Orange County Convention Center
    • Structural failure of high-rise condominium
    • Alleged delay and disruption in completion of two major power plants
    • Design and construction of major high bridges
    • Interstate highway construction
    • ADA and Fair Housing Act design compliance review and remediation
    • Design and construction of 23-story Orange County Courthouse
    • High-rise building post-tension slab failures
    • Stormwater retention and construction pollution of freshwater lakes
  • Construction Law Industry Experience

    Our construction attorneys and lobbyists have decades of legislative and legal experience in construction and design matters, including:

    Public Funding

    • Florida's Building Code
    • Environmental Regulation
    • Public Procurement
    • Construction Bidding
    • Sales and Use Taxes
    • Taxes on Design and Construction Services
    • PECO Funding
    • Seaport and Airport Funding
    • State and Local Government Construction Budgets
    • Trust Funds
    • Public Private Partnerships
    • Airport Projects

    Development and Pre-Construction

    • Environmental Regulation
    • Construction Licensure and Regulations
    • Design/Build
    • Construction Contract Drafting and Negotiation
    • Construction Insurance
    • Construction Lending
    • Zoning
    • Permitting
    • Surveying
    • Construction and Development Lending
    • Land Use and Planning
    • Contract Negotiation Between Owners, Architects and Engineers
    • Construction Industry Licensing
    • Construction Industry Insurance, Surety Bid and Performance Bonds
    • Design Professional Liability Insurance Contracts, Coverage and Defense

    Construction Phase Legal Services

    • Construction Liens
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Job Site Safety
    • Labor and Employment Law for Management
    • Construction Claims and Project Delays
    • Construction Code and Compliance
    • Florida Building Code
    • Construction Documents and Construction Scheduling

    Post Construction Attorney Services


    • Environmental Regulation
    • Underground Storage Tanks
    • Threatened and Endangered Species

    Administrative Law

    • Administrative Representation Before Agencies
    • Construction Industry Licensing Board
    • Department of Environmental Protection
    • Department of Transportation
    • Department of Management Services
    • Department of Revenue
    • Board of Professional Engineers
    • Board of Architecture and Interior Design
  • Construction and Design Legislative Successes

    GrayRobinson's government relations lawyers and consultants have enjoyed substantial and sustained legislative success over the years concerning construction issues, including drafting and registered lobbying regarding the following:

    • Reduced statute of limitations and statute of repose from 15 to 10 years for construction professionals
    • Repeal of Florida's sales tax on construction and design services
    • Inland Protection Trust Fund and maintenance of petroleum cleanup funding
    • Sovereign immunity statute to protect engineering firms on road projects
    • Construction lien protection for construction professionals
    • Licensing statute for architects and interior designers
    • Statutory protection of construction professionals from warranty claims
    • Statutory protection of construction professionals from job-site safety claims
    • Design/build procurement - Consultants' Competitive Negotiation Act
    • Counseling design and construction firms regarding green building liability
  • Other Construction Industry-Related Experience

    GrayRobinson construction attorneys and staff have decades of experience in substantive construction law and design law, including the following:

    • Approved litigation counsel for most construction industry insurance carriers
    • Board Certified by The Florida Bar Construction Lawyers
    • Board Certified by The Florida Bar Federal and State Administrative Practice
    • Board Certified by The Florida Bar Employment Lawyers
    • Certified Arbitrators and Mediators by The Florida Bar
    • Labor and Employment Law
  • A History of Handling Complex Litigation

    We enjoy a unique niche in our ability to handle the most complex litigation cases because we have a large number of attorneys with relevant experience and can efficiently manage cases from the smallest to the very largest. This capability has been developed over our Florida law firm's history as well as from the large number of major legal cases we have handled and are currently handling throughout Florida. In other words, we have great depth on the bench and can call on the right legal talent to match the assignment.

  • Appellate and Trial Support

    Since its inception in 1970, the Florida law firm has proven itself capable of representing our clients through all levels of the court system, including appeals. Our appellate and trial support team includes active appellate attorneys and trial lawyers as well as very experienced former state court appellate judges and a former Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. We offer our capability and experience at the appellate level to attorneys within and outside of GrayRobinson who may need assistance in taking a case to the next level. We offer the attention of a boutique firm focusing on appellate advocacy while providing the resources and knowledge of a large, multipurpose law firm with practices in virtually every area of the law.

  • Architects/Engineers Defects and Omissions

    In everyday practice, architects and engineers are confronted with a multitude of complex legal issues that can impact practicing their profession, either positively or negatively. This ranges from the initial stages of a potential project to well after its completion. For example, early on, contracts must be drafted and negotiated to minimize risk, among other things. During and after a project, design professionals can face accusations that errors and omissions resulted in a project delay or construction defects, increased costs or more generally, project failures. Finally, because these professions are licensed and heavily regulated, a design professional may encounter licensure board investigations to which they must respond in order to maintain their license.

    Design professionals should not go it alone. GrayRobinson assists design professionals in all facets of their practice, and in all life stages of a project. For decades, GrayRobinson has successfully represented our architect and engineer clients to negotiate and prepare favorable contracts, or when they are accused of breach of contract and/or standard of care, or violations of licensure rules and regulations. GrayRobinson represents both the individual design professional and the design firm, and when professional liability insurance is involved, we serve as insurance appointed counsel. Most error and omission policies provide the design professional a say in who its appointed counsel will be. GrayRobinson is approved counsel for most insurance companies providing professional liability insurance policies.