GrayRobinson’s Government Affairs and Lobbying Team

GrayRobinson’s legislative team is comprised of numerous skilled attorneys and government consultants working collaboratively at all levels of government. By leveraging our strong statewide presence, our team’s relationships, and our decades of combined experience, GrayRobinson professionals are at the forefront of emerging legislative and legal issues. GrayRobinson is heavily engaged in the business of federal, state, local, and other intergovernmental lobbying services year-round, and we have built our proficiency for more than four decades.

GrayRobinson professionals have represented and served as staff for governors, legislators, attorneys general, the Florida House of Representatives, the Florida Senate, and state agencies in numerous matters. Annually, GrayRobinson ranks among the top lobbying firms in the state (defined by fees collected). It is the combination of our unmatched network of professional relationships, lobbying proficiency, and legal background that enables us to excel.