Industry Representation

Local Government
Since our firm's founding in 1970, GrayRobinson has represented local governments in both the legal and lobbying context. Beginning with our founding partner Charlie Gray, who first served as Orlando City Solicitor in the 1960s and later as Orange County Attorney in the 1970s, GrayRobinson has enjoyed serving local government entities. Our current roster of clients includes multiple Florida counties, cities, and special districts located throughout Florida. We have gained invaluable experience and skills representing local governments before the legislative and executive branches of state and federal government through these representations.

Private Clients
GrayRobinson's unique inside perspective on the governmental and regulatory bodies that administrate the daily activities of private enterprises and individuals has unquestionably led to our exponential growth in private-client representation. Due in part to GrayRobinson's consistent reputation of reliable representation before the state and federal government and local government advocacy, our successful track record has earned the attention of small, mid-sized, and multimillion-dollar businesses. With years of experience anticipating legislation and enforcement activities, our team of professionals has ensured our clients have the attention of the policymakers necessary for their objectives to meet fruition. Fortune 500 corporations, healthcare entities, construction and design businesses, alcohol and tobacco distributors, technology companies, financial institutions, beverage and nutrition companies, and local businesses have sought our advocacy because of our reputation of effective representation and unbeatable experience. Our team's experience ranges from expert government consultants working at the local, state, and national levels to nationally renowned criminal defense and international trade attorneys, providing our clients with an expansive toolkit of experience in advocacy, dissecting regulatory statutes and defending clients from harmful litigation and press. Our thorough approach guarantees security for our clients' short and long-term goals. Our seamless coordination ensures that each client's priority receives due consideration, from receiving government contracts or subsidies to defending against costly legislation or tax increases.