Election Law

GrayRobinson is ideally situated to meet client needs in the full range of election-law matters. The firm has successfully defended the Florida Department of State in significant constitutional challenges to Florida’s election laws, including laws that regulate the book-closing deadline for voter-registration applications, third-party collection of voter-registration applications, no-solicitation zones around polling locations, and verification of the identities of voter-registration applicants. The firm has also provided statewide election-day legal coverage to the Florida Department of State and to political-party entities.

In 2018, during the general-election recount, GrayRobinson represented then-Governor Rick Scott and the National Republican Senatorial Committee in state and federal courts across Florida, and dispatched attorneys to more than thirty-five counties to monitor the recount in the election to the United States Senate. The firm also represented the Florida House of Representatives in redistricting matters from 2009 to 2016, and more recently successfully defended Sarasota County’s redistricting of county-commission districts. GrayRobinson has also provided election-law advice to political candidates and political committees, including candidates for Governor and Chief Financial Officer. GrayRobinson’s extensive experience in all facets of Florida election law gives our election law team a unique capacity to serve clients in the election-law domain.