Facilitation of Disputes

We are experienced facilitators who work toward consensus by identifying shared values and a common vocabulary early in the consensus-building process. Working from a foundation of identified shared values and understandings, we help people make informed collective decisions by testing and retesting their ideas through the lens of the firm’s extensive experience, substantive knowledge, and analytical frameworks.

We add value to the facilitation process by speaking and understanding the "language" of a broad array of land use professionals, policy-makers, and citizens. We can evaluate and translate the often confusing jargon of industry professional – traffic engineers, biologists, urban planners, state regulators, utility companies, lawyers, developers, civil engineers, architects, landscape architects, and builders – and explain in plain language how each part of a particular planning or development initiative is likely to interrelate with the others. As such, when the consensus-building exercise is complete, the outcomes are both realistic and commonly understood.