Aviation and Drone Law

Navigating complex aviation regulation, construction, tax and financing issues can be nearly as complicated as navigating the airways. GrayRobinson established its aviation practice to provide much-needed legal counsel to Florida's burgeoning aviation industry.

GrayRobinson's aviation attorneys have worked with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and local aviation authorities on a variety of matters. We have assisted clients in interpreting FAA regulations and obtaining building height variances and "no hazard" determinations, including negotiating flight approach procedures with the FAA and modifying county and municipal codes to clear zones for buildings along flight paths. We have extensive experience negotiating construction contracts for airport improvements (including a $2 billion expansion project).

GrayRobinson's aviation attorneys have represented clients in an array of other aviation matters, including domestic aircraft transactions and complex leveraged-lease transactions for fixed-base operators handling hangars, fuel, supplies, towing, maintenance services and aircraft storage. Fixed-base operators regularly call upon GrayRobinson's team of aviation attorneys for counsel on contract negotiations and disputes with airport authorities and owners. When the State of Florida was looking to purchase its new $5 million Cessna, the State of Florida turned to the lawyers of GrayRobinson. We also have represented a wide range of buyers and sellers of aircraft, aircraft manufacturers, pilots, aircraft leasing companies, airlines in fleet acquisition and lenders in conventional secured financial transactions.