Health Care

GrayRobinson health care attorneys assist health care industry clients with legal advice and best practices guidance to maintain compliance with applicable federal and Florida statutory and regulatory requirements. Our attorneys can help untangle the web of rules and regulations to help health care providers avoid potential penalties for non-compliance, and to understand and assess potential liability for involved players.

In the context of the evolving cannabis industry environment, GrayRobinson health care attorneys provide numerous services to those seeking to become qualified treating physicians, including advice and counsel to physicians on certification to order medical marijuana or low-THC cannabis, how to register with the Office of Compassionate Use, and guidance on how to renew this qualified care provider status. For physicians, as well as hospital and treatment facility clients, our attorneys also can help assure regulatory compliance and reduce liability risks though services that include counseling on written consent issues, understanding the requirements for patients’ use and possession of medical marijuana, and fulfilling the quarterly reporting obligations with the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy.

Our goal is to ensure health care providers comply with, and stay abreast of, developments regulating the integration of medical marijuana into treatment and/or pain management for patients.