GrayRobinson Rounds Out Top 5 Lobbying Firms for Q1 Lobbying Compensation via Florida Politics

Florida Politics | May 26, 2021

GrayRobinson rounded out the top-5 with $2.33 million in pay. The team led by Dean Cannon reported $1.2 million in legislative earnings and $1.1 million in executive branch earnings. The top clients on the former report were Citizens for Lower Electric Rates and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, both of which paid $35,000 for the quarter. Citizens for Lower Electric Rates also tops the executive report, again with $35,000 in payments. At the top end, GrayRobinson could have earned $3.7 million — $1.9 million in the Legislature and $1.8 million in the executive branch.  Read more – Lobbying compensation: Seven firms top $1M in Q1, The Southern Group leads the way.