Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Shines Volunteer Spotlight on Volunteer Michael Neukamm

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation | May 26, 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Neukamm – Helping the late astronaut Sen. John Glenn with legal counsel tied to his hotel project led to ASF securing one of its most dedicated volunteers … Mike Neukamm. Over their years of working together, Mike got to know Sen. Glenn well and relished hearing the stories of his space travel adventures. As a founding member of ASF, Sen. Glenn one day asked Mike for a favor – would he volunteer his time to help the Foundation with a few corporate governance matters? That was April 2004. Within a few years, the board of directors appointed Mike to treasurer … a position he held for more than a decade. Today, Mike serves as the board secretary and is a member of the Executive Committee. Read more – Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.