Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

GrayRobinson's mediators and arbitrators provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in countless areas. Our ADR professionals have many years of experience in a myriad of commercial, business, real estate and employment disputes. Whether as mediators, arbitrators or voluntary trial resolution judges, the members of our ADR practice group have solid histories of facilitating conflict resolution agreements.

GrayRobinson understands the unpredictable nature of business dealings. When conflicts arise, mediation is often an attractive solution. With multiple attorneys certified as mediators, we can handle most areas of dispute. Unlike a public trial, mediation and arbitration allow for confidentiality and empower the parties involved to control the outcome of the case instead of leaving it to a judge and jury. Most important, mediation and arbitration save time and money for all parties involved. Collectively, the members of our ADR team have over a century's worth of experience in resolving disputes outside the courtroom.

When arbitration becomes necessary, our arbitrators are there to determine the case. Our arbitrators maintain prestigious membership with the American Arbitration Association and the National Arbitration Forum. Because mediation and arbitration apply to a vast array of disputes, it is important to know that GrayRobinson's ADR professionals have the depth of knowledge and breadth of capabilities to match any situation. Our ADR neutrals are skilled in determining case issues to help the parties reach a timely resolution.

With the countless mediations and arbitrations our ADR professionals have shouldered and the numerous accolades they have received, it is apparent why you should choose GrayRobinson. Our combination of experience and commitment is the superior formula for resolving your dispute.