GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers are active on the side of management in both public- and private-sector labor and employee relations. Having GrayRobinson on your side when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration  (OSHA) comes calling could make the difference.

  • Experience

    Take advantage of GrayRobinson’s experience by having our OSHA lawyers train your employees and managers before OSHA inspects your workplace. If you are aware of an OSHA inspection, GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers can accompany the Compliance Officer during the actual inspection to help facilitate issues as they are discovered. If OSHA has already come calling, GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers can help negotiate a settlement or litigate if that is what is required to protect your rights. GrayRobinson has OSHA lawyers throughout Florida. When you need help, your GrayRobinson OSHA lawyer can be there.

  • Familiarity

    GrayRobinson’s OSHA lawyers are experienced in dealing with compliance officers, area administrators, solicitor’s office attorneys and judges handling OSHA legal cases in Florida. GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers have been able to work with OSHA before citations were issued and have dealt with OSHA once citations were issued in an effort to avoid expensive litigation. When litigation is needed, GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers’ experience and familiarity with the process can lead to more efficient litigation.

  • Training

    Just about anyone can provide basic safety training. That is not what GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers do. The training GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers provide to employees and managers is intended to provide your team with specific knowledge regarding what compliance officers are looking for and how to behave during an inspection that might help your team avoid a citation altogether. The information that GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers can provide your team is the result of decades of dealing with OSHA and firsthand experience of how OSHA conducts inspections, how OSHA interviews employees, what records really are needed and how OSHA litigates contested citations. GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers can provide insights regarding OSHA based on decades of defending against OSHA citations. GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers can help teach your team how to treat the compliance officer, how to answer OSHA’s favorite questions and how to prepare and present your safety documentation in a light favorable to you.

  • Preparedness

    Our lawyers can prepare your team in advance of an OSHA inspection. Prepare your team so they know what to say and how to say it if OSHA comes calling.

  • Litigation

    If the situation warrants, your GrayRobinson OSHA lawyer will be experienced in contesting both citations and proposed fines. If negotiations fail, GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers are experienced in litigation up to and including appearances before the U.S. Courts of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court on OSHA related matters.

    GrayRobinson OSHA lawyers have handled numerous legal cases, including those involving the following representative issues:

    • Serious citations for death arising from electrocution, asphyxiation, crushing and other causes
    • Serious citations resulting from improper machine guarding
    • Serious citations involving issues of combustible dust
    • Multiple serious citations issued to prime contractor for a subcontractor’s unsafe scaffolding
    • Multiple serious citations for an unsafe elevator following failure of the elevator
    • Serious citations based on improper respirators
    • Serious citations for excavation spoil pile violation revised to be citation for failure to scale walls
    • Serious citations based on unsafe stacked/tiered culverts
    • Serious citations for inadequate excavation cave-in protection system
    • Citations based on warehouse aisles being too narrow for operation of mechanized equipment
    • Repeat citations for blocking manufacturing aisles
    • Repeat citations for unsafely stacked boxes and pallets
    • Employer safety handbook and toolbox talks revised to specifically address the safety issues most likely to impact the  employers’ industry