GrayRobinson's Melbourne Office Profiled in SpaceCoast Business

MELBOURNE, FL – January 3, 2020 – In an article published in SpaceCoast Business on January 1, 2020, the firm’s Melbourne office is profiled showcasing the service GrayRobinson provides to the Brevard community.

Although headquartered in Orlando, GrayRobinson has been in Brevard County since 1990. Today, the firm’s footprint encompasses the entire county, with 51 local employees explains Erik Shuman, managing director of the firm’s Melbourne office, who added, “Our roots here run very, very deep.”

GrayRobinson’s most telling tale is in community service. The firm serves further than their vast scope of legal expertise. Through their Casual Day for a Cause, employees have raised more than $525,000, simply by dressing down on Fridays. The dollars are pooled and presented to organizations such as food distribution centers, homeless shelters, children’s homes, wildlife charities, crisis centers educational programs, programs for the elderly, programs for the disabled and programs for children facing diseases.

“This is individual commitment, and it builds a bond in the office, where we all know we’re working on this together,” Shuman commented about the general giving.

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