GRay Matters – 2020 Session: Week 5

TALLAHASSEE, FL – February 17, 2020 – GrayRobinson's government affairs & lobbying practice group released its weekly GRay Matters Session newsletter, "2020 Session: Week 5.” The House and Senate passed their budgets with unanimous votes, sending the two sides into a debate over the differences in their spending plans, the newsletter reports this week. One of the main sticking points is affordable housing, with the Senate electing to fully fund the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust at $387 million. Representative Randy Fine’s debuted committee bill (HB 7087), which would fold Florida Poly into the University of Florida and New College into Florida State University as well as make changes to the EASE and ABLE grant programs, is discussed in “The Florida House of Representatives” section of the newsletter. The “Bill of the Week” is HB 1051, which would  create a “Camo Alert” registry to house information on “at-risk veterans.” The newsletter also includes the “Federal Spotlight,” “Client Spotlight,” and “Looking Ahead” sections. Read the full newsletter here.