As one of the first commercially produced products in the United States, tobacco is entrenched in the fabric of American culture. Throughout the centuries, tobacco production has evolved from snuff and pipe tobacco, to cigars and cigarettes, and recently, innovative products like smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. These products, old and new, spawned a thriving industry. However, the tobacco industry is subject to a multitude of local, state and federal compliance issues.

From the small, family-owned tobacconist to large national tobacco corporations, GrayRobinson attorneys help manufacturers, importers and retailers meet their compliance responsibilities and achieve their business objectives. We combine the talents and capabilities of experienced attorneys, former federal and state industry regulators, and skilled licensing specialists to provide the broadest range of support services to all members of the tobacco industry.

The challenges facing tobacco manufacturers and retailers abound. Whether navigating the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (TCA) and the accompanying, ever-growing list of regulatory requirements promulgated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, to state licensing and sales requirements, our attorneys and professionals are uniquely equipped to protect your interests and secure your objectives.