Governor DeSantis Extends State of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 20-52

By: Kristen Catasús, Associate, Nationwide Alcohol Beverage Practice

While COVID-19 refuses to loosen its grasp on the hospitality industry, there is refuge for some of Florida’s service industry members. As of November 3, 2020 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has extended the state of emergency declared in Executive Order 20-52 for an additional 60 days. Under the extension, type 4COP SFS alcohol beverage license holders who are temporarily prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises may continue to sell alcoholic beverages in sealed containers for consumption off-premises. The exception that allows these license holders to deliver sealed alcohol beverages does require, however, that the licensee also sell food with the same order and comply with delivery laws. These delivery laws require that alcohol beverages be delivered only in vehicles owned or leased by the retailer or a third-party hired to perform deliveries. Age verification at the time of delivery is also required. If you are an alcohol beverage licensee weathering the COVID-19 pandemic with questions about these or other legal changes, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.