Venture Capital

Over the past decade, the internet and rapid advances in technology have fundamentally changed the world economy. The revolution in commerce and communications has resulted in unprecedented amounts of private and public capital available for corporate growth. GrayRobinson established its venture capital practice to assist young, emerging companies in the corporate growth process by serving as their general counsel, assisting them through the capital-raising process, and counseling them regarding the structure and mechanics required to create and sustain their growth.

  • Navigating Early-Stage Capital Raising

    GrayRobinson has proactively represented companies seeking start-up or expansion financing, whether from banks and similar financial institutions, venture capital firms and securities underwriters, or private sources. We frequently assist our clients in developing creative means of obtaining such financing, including preferred stock issuances, private placements of limited partner equity interests, subordinated debt, and issuances of debt instruments with equity participation features.

  • Experienced Leadership

    The venture capital team has been instrumental in assisting companies obtain private capital and in going public. The attorneys on this team have extensive backgrounds as CPA's, MBA's, and engineers, and therefore are extremely capable of understanding the business needs of our clients in addition to their legal needs. GrayRobinson's team of skilled attorneys possesses a broad range of experiences across industries that few Florida law firms can offer.

  • Trusted Counselors

    GrayRobinson has represented numerous emerging companies, guiding them through the capital-raising process; from reviewing their business plans to conducting a legal audit to closing on capital investments from venture capital firms and accredited investors. In each of our engagements, we strive to understand the business of our client. Recognizing that most emerging companies experience "time to market" pressures for their products and services as well as budgetary constraints, we work with each of our clients to provide effective, efficient services to assist them in growing to their next level of business development.