Few things are more upsetting than the loss of a loved one and the final disposition of his or her affairs. The last thing anyone wants at such a time is to end up fighting with creditors, business partners, the Internal Revenue Service or even family members. Navigating an estate through probate can be a daunting task, fraught with peril and pitfalls for the uninitiated.

Whether it's a simple estate or a business empire, the attorneys in the probate practice at GrayRobinson are there to see to it that the estate passes smoothly into the right hands. As seasoned professionals who have probated some of the most complex estates imaginable, we've seen it all. And though we certainly hope that all goes smoothly for you, our extensive experience, backed by a full-service regional law firm, means that our clients can count on us for everything from the simple to the simply improbable.

GrayRobinson's experienced, highly respected attorneys devote as much care to preserving and maximizing wealth as our clients have spent building it. We provide thoughtful, creative solutions designed to meet the unique needs and wishes of each client.

  • Litigation

    GrayRobinson’s probate and trust litigation group assists fiduciaries (including trustees, executors and personal representatives), beneficiaries and other parties in avoiding and resolving complex estate and trust controversies, including disputes involving sophisticated legal and tax issues.  We dedicate our diverse talents to helping our clients prevent and analyze problems, evaluate options and achieve efficient dispute resolution at trial, mediation and settlement. We offer frank advice and get clear results. To that end, we are proficient in the substantive law, skilled at the rules, and effective in trial. We are trusted and recognized in councils and courtrooms throughout the State. Our experience includes issues arising from will contests, breach of trust, elective share disputes, guardianships, fiduciary conflicts of interest, formation, modification and termination of trusts, prudent investor rules, accounting controversies, fee disputes, agency under powers of attorney, and disputed claims. Our clients include banks, individuals and families.