Health Information Technology

With the ever-increasing role of technology in all facets of health care, securing experienced representation with respect to health information technology (HIT) initiatives is critical to the success of both your technology project and your ability to provide quality care to patients. GrayRobinson's health information technology practice lawyers are uniquely positioned to assist you in all aspects of HIT Whether it is advice on the acquisition and installation of a new clinical management system, representation in a dispute with a software vendor over a failed implementation, negotiating a strategic outsourcing arrangement or working with you on setting up a regional health information organization (RHIO), GrayRobinson's health information technology lawyers are ready to service all your HIT needs. The goal of the health information technology practice is to become part of your health care team. To that end, GrayRobinson's health information technology lawyers possess the technical, health care, business and legal background to integrate at all levels within your organization. We add the most value to your organization when we truly understand the nuances of your business, and the drivers that are motivating your organization with respect to each individual Health Information Technology project. At GrayRobinson, we pride ourselves on being recognized as not only your outside legal counsel but also your trusted health information technology advisors.

  • HIT Licensing and Implementation

    GrayRobinson's health information technology lawyers have worked with health care companies to implement virtually every kind of health technology with every major Health Information Technology vendor and many smaller vendors. With each transaction, we have gained valuable insight into and understanding into the entire Health Information Technology life cycle, including vendor selection, transaction structuring/negotiation, project implementation/management and ongoing vendor performance/contract management. As a result, our health information technology lawyers work with your business, legal, technology and clinical teams to structure a health information technology engagement that meets your overall business requirements. A representative sample of health information technology licensing and implementation projects undertaken by our health information technology lawyers include:

    • Billing systems
    • Cardiology data management systems
    • Clinical management systems
    • Computerized patient record systems
    • Digital dictation systems
    • Electronic claims submission agreements
    • Health care Internet content agreements
    • Hospital information systems
    • Laboratory automation equipment
    • Laboratory information systems
    • Neurological radiosurgery devices
    • Patient scheduling systems
    • Pharmacy management systems
    • Picture archiving and communications systems
    • Radiology information systems
    • Remote patient monitoring systems
    • Robotic pharmacy systems
    • Robotic surgery devices
    • Systems integration agreements
    • Wireless prescription systems
  • HIT Outsourcing

    GrayRobinson's health information technology lawyers have negotiated HIT technology and business process outsourcing arrangements valued in excess of $1 billion. Our health information technology  lawyers have been involved in wall-to-wall outsourcing arrangements of entire IT departments, strategic outsourcings of discrete health systems and business process outsourcing transactions of specific organizational functions. Our health information technology lawyers realize that it is important to craft HIT outsourcing arrangements that align the often conflicting interests of the health care provider in reducing costs/increasing performance with the HIT vendor's objective of reducing overhead/maximizing profits. In response to these concerns, GrayRobinson's health information technology lawyers have successfully structured outsourcing transactions that include innovative risk/reward arrangements, measurable service levels and other contract management techniques that allow the health care provider to maintain oversight and control of the outsourced services. GrayRobinson's attorneys have been involved in various HIT outsourcing engagements, including:

    • Application development and maintenance
    • Clinical systems
    • Customer/patient contact center
    • Business process outsourcing
      • Accounting
      • Facilities management
      • Finance
      • Human resources
      • Procurement
      • Supply chain
    • Data centers
    • Desktop management
    • Device procurement and maintenance
    • Disaster recovery
    • Help desk/end-user support
    • Mainframe/server services
    • Managed services
    • Network operations
    • Offshore outsourcing
    • Security services
    • Systems integration
    • Telecommunications/data transport
  • Privacy/Security

    GrayRobinson's health information technology lawyers understand the confidential nature of health information and the need to structure HIT transactions in compliance with federal and state privacy and security laws. Our health information technology lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of HIPAA and routinely provide seminars to health care companies on HIPAA compliance, auditing and reporting. We will work with your organization to structure a HIT transaction that properly balances the need for access to information with the requirement to keep the information protected from unauthorized use and disclosure.

  • Full-Service HIT Representation

    As a full-service law firm, GrayRobinson is prepared to advise you on every aspect of your HIT initiative. GrayRobinson's health information technology lawyers are able to guide you through the quagmire of fraud and abuse, tax, corporate, and regulatory hurdles associated with all health care transactions. GrayRobinson's value lies in its seamless integration of practice specialties across multiple disciplines. GrayRobinson is able to harness these diverse yet integrated practices to best advise you on the nuances of your individual HIT project.