Subrogation Department

Contacting Our Office

The best way to contact our office is via email at We will do our best to respond the same business day if we receive your email before 3 p.m. You may contact us by phone at 863.284.2230, but please note it may take up to 48 business hours to get a response. Please do not call and ask if we have received your payment. 

Making A Payment

We are no longer accepting payments in person at the office. The best way to make a payment is online by clicking the "MAKE PAYMENT" link below. The mailing address for payments is PO Box 3, Lakeland, FL 33802. Please include the client and matter number on every payment. If you do not have the client and matter number, please email our office at Failing to include the client and matter number may delay the processing of your payment or cause your payment to be rejected. If you need a letter of consent to reinstate your driver’s license, please email your request after you make your payment and let us know where to send the letter. Some driver’s license offices accept a fax of the letter. We do not have this information. Please contact the local driver’s license office and then email us with the fax number and the date you will be going to the driver’s license office. It is important to provide the fax number to us prior to going to the driver’s license office. Do not wait until you are at the driver’s license office to provide us with the fax number as we may not be available to send it.


Balances and Late Payments

If you want to know your balance or are going to be late with a payment, please notify us by emailing Make sure to include your name, or the name of the person you are paying for, and the client and matter number.