Christopher M. Ramsey, Ph.D. Attorney At Law

Christopher M. Ramsey, Ph.D. - Attorney at Law

Intellectual Property Deputy Section Chair

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Chris Ramsey is an experienced intellectual property lawyer with broad experience counseling businesses and entrepreneurs about registering, licensing, enforcing, and defending their intellectual property rights. In addition, Chris assists clients with IP due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. Chris also counsels clients on a wide range of Internet law issues such as brand enforcement on online retail platforms, website takedowns, removal of infringing content, and defending clients that receive takedown requests. Chris has a very active patent and trademark prosecution practice in which he procures trademark registrations and patents all over the world for our clients.

Chris' worldwide patent practice covers diverse technologies, but is heavy on chemical and life science subject matter where he has obtained patents on drug molecules, drug formulations, polymers, catalysts, antibodies, proteins, dietary supplements, materials, and fertilizers. Chris also has significant experience patenting inventions on boat-related technologies, pool cleaners, RF/microwave devices, medical devices, and prosthetics.

Chris routinely advises clients on IP issues in business transactions such as licenses, mergers, and acquisitions. This includes performing due diligence investigations for clients acquiring IP portfolios and negotiating contractual terms for clients selling IP portfolios. In the past few years, Chris has worked on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business transactions involving IP.

Before law school, Chris was an avid experimentalist in chemistry, materials, RF engineering, cryogenics, semiconductors, and physics. He synthesized compounds, fabricated semiconductor devices, built magnetic resonance spectrometers, built single-molecule transistors, and developed techniques for magnetic and microwave measurements at only a fraction of a degree above absolute zero temperature. His research is published in over 20 peer-reviewed articles.

  • Education
    • Georgetown College, B.S., Chemistry
    • Florida State University, Ph.D., Chemistry
    • University of Central Florida Department of Physics, Postdoctoral Research Associate
    • University of Florida Levin College of Law, J.D.
  • Admissions
    • Florida
    • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida

  • Professional Associations and Memberships
    • The Florida Bar
    • American Chemical Society
  • Awards and Recognitions
    • Best Lawyers in America, 2020-2024
      • Patent Law
      • Trademark Law
    • Daily Business Review, Florida Legal Awards: Unsung Heroes, 2024
    • Florida Super Lawyers, Rising Star, 2013-2020
    • Orlando Magazine, Best Lawyers, 2021
  • Selected Patents
    • 11,000,571 Modified fragments from the octarepeat region of prion protein as hemin binders
    • 10,960,075 Orally dissolving melatonin formulation with acidifying agent that renders melatonin soluble in saliva
    • 10,945,871 Orthotic leg support apparatus
    • 10,905,035 Crossflow heat-exchangers
    • 10,894,854 Functional bottlebrush polymers
    • D907,760 Orally ingestible tablet
    • 10,888,522 Controlled-release compositions of melatonin combined with sedative and/or analgesic ingredients
    • 10,850,811 Inflatable swim platform for water sports
    • 10,843,831 Packing case erection
    • 10,828,628 Homogeneous catalysts that are recoverable by host-guest interactions
    • 10,807,917 Dual purpose agricultural compositions
    • 10,788,360 Scene generation using surface plasmon polaritons
    • 10,753,086 Modular floor platform
    • 10,751,323 Controlled-release melatonin compositions and related methods
    • 10,737,255 Water soluble homogeneous catalysts that are recoverable by phase selectivity and host-guest interactions
    • 10,717,663 Chemical denitrification of contaminated water
    • 10,695,310 D-serine treatment for neurological disorders that cause seizures
    • 10,688,059 Multiparticulate L-carnitine compositions and related methods
    • 10,647,192 Hybrid power system
    • 10,637,241 System and method for intelligent static transfer switch with smart home power management
    • 10,631,621 Wearable assembly for transporting articles while engaged in sports
    • 10,587,331 RF repeater and mobile unit with cancellation of interference from a repeated signal
    • 10,584,507 Turbine-driven swimming pool cleaning apparatus
    • 10,576,387 Amusement rides
    • 10,539,393 System and method for shooting simulation
    • 10,527,281 Gas flare useful for combusting landfill gas emissions
    • 10,518,843 Planing hull catamaran for high speed operation in a seaway

  • Selected Articles and Publications
    • "Protecting Innovation in Telemedicine," Florida MD, April 2015
    • "Medical Technology Patents Affected by U.S. Supreme Court," Florida MD, September 2014
    • C.M. Ramsey, E. del Barco, S. Hill, S.J. Shah, C.C. Beedle, and D.N. Hendrickson, "Quantum interference of tunnel trajectories between states of different spin length in a dimeric molecular nanomagnet" 4 Nature Physics 277 (Apr. 2008)
    • J.J. Henderson, C.M. Ramsey, and E. del Barco, "Fabrication of nanogapped single-electron transistors for transport studies of individual single-molecule magnets," 101 Journal of Applied Physics 09e102 (May 2007)
    • C.M. Ramsey, W.Z. Chen, F.A. Cotton, N.S. Dalal, C.A. Murillo, T. Ren, and X. Wang, "Proof of large positive zero-field splitting in a Ru25+ paddlewheel," 127 Journal of the American Chemical Society 12691 (Sep. 2005)
    • C.M. Ramsey and N.S. Dalal, "Crystalline and water soluble Cr4+ and Cr5+ model compounds for chromium toxicity studies," Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 113 (Jan. 2004)
    • C.M. Ramsey, B. Cage, F.A. Cotton, N.S. Dalal, E.A. Hillard, and B. Rakvin, "Observation of symmetry lowering and electron localization in the doublet-states of a spin-frustrated equilateral triangular lattice: Cu3(O2C16H23)·1.2C6H12," 125 Journal of the American Chemical Society 5270 (May 2003)