GrayRobinson Business Law Section: FinCEN Issues Warning Against Corporate Transparency Act Scams

January 13, 2024

By: CTA Committee

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has issued an alert to the public regarding fraudulent attempts to solicit information from those subject to the Corporate Transparency Act's reporting requirements.

The scam involves communications, possibly titled "Important Compliance Notice," urging recipients to click on a URL or scan a QR code. These emails and letters are fraudulent, as FinCEN never sends unsolicited requests. Recipients should NOT respond, click any links, or scan QR codes in these messages.

For accurate and reliable information, please visit FinCEN's official website directly at

For information and an understanding of the Corporate Transparency Act, please review our recent insight titled "Corporate Transparency Act and the End of Hiding in the US."


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