GrayRobinson Government Affairs and Lobbying E-lert: State and Local American Rescue Plan Guidance Released

By: Elizabeth Blair Hancock, Federal Legislative Consultant

Washington, D.C. – May 11, 2021 – The Treasury Department has released details on the allowed uses of the $350 billion state and local aid provided within the American Rescue Plan. The fact sheet provides guidance on how Florida's government, counties, cities, towns, and villages can use this funding, together with examples of allowable uses. The funding will come in two tranches - both tranches will provide 50 percent of the total allocation. Allocation of the first tranche begins this month with the second tranche following 12 months later.

Allocations have been finalized for Florida as follows:

  • $8,816,581,838.70 for Florida state government
  • $4,171,798,633.00 for Florida counties
  • $1,517,703,957.00 for Florida metropolitan cities
  • $1,416,425,123.00 for Florida small cities, towns, and villages (population less than 50,000)

Now is the time for eligible jurisdictions to submit a request for funding through the Treasury Submission Portal. Even if a jurisdiction has previously used the portal to request funding for other programs, a new request must be submitted specific to American Rescue Plan funds.