Communications, Broadband & New Media E-lert: Kari's Law Requirements For 911 Direct Calling From Multi-Line Phones Took Effect On February 17, 2020

We would like to remind everyone that Kari's Law, which mandates that multi-line phone systems allow direct dialing to 911, became effective February 17, 2020. FCC Chair Agit Pai stated: “More than six years ago, Hank Hunt launched a campaign to change phone systems so other families would not suffer a tragedy like his own. We are all taught from a very young age to dial 911 for emergencies.  But because hotel phones required guests to dial 9 before calling 911, the calls for help placed by Kari’s daughter never went through.  Thanks to Hank’s courage and dedication, Kari’s Law was enacted to change this."

The law applies to multi-line phone systems in hotels/motels, campuses, public agencies, and offices.  

To read the full FCC press release, click here.

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