Gary Resnick Quoted in Quartz

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – October 5, 2019 – Gary I. Resnick, shareholder in GrayRobinson’s Fort Lauderdale law firm office and chair of the firm’s communications, broadband and new media law practice group, was quoted in the Quartz article, "Net Neutrality is Alive and Well After this Week's Crushing Court Defeat."

The article mentions how on October 1, 2019, the Washington DC Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments to reinstate net neutrality protections repealed last year by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Telecom companies will now only be subject to "light-touch" federal regulation and are free to block, slow, or otherwise discriminate against content and services. 

Resnick points out that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are going to have to abide by net neutrality as states begin enforcing their own net-neutrality laws. "Abiding by net neutrality rules in California, but not for information sent to Ohio, will prove, to say the least, challenging," he said. 

The epic 200-page ruling not only allows states to re-regulate the internet as they wish, but it appears to have invalidated a lot of federal laws tied to treating the internet as a telecom service, and not an information service as it is now defined.