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Jessica is a government consultant in GrayRobinson's Tallahassee office, where she has worked for more than a decade. During her career, she has accumulated over 15 years of experience in government relations matters involving the Florida Legislature, the Governor and Cabinet, and state agencies. Jessica began her career in government in 2002, working for a boutique lobbying firm which represented construction and telecommunication industry interests in front of state and local governments. Four years later, she began working for Huey, Guilday, Tucker, Schwartz and Williams, P.A., until the firm's governmental practice group merged with GrayRobinson in 2007.

Jessica has a strong reputation for problem-solving, building relationships, communications, and above all else, teamwork. She is well-versed in the political process and represents a wide variety of clients, ranging from professional associations to multinational corporations. She has advocated for Fortune 500 companies, securing economic development funding and helping develop tax policies favorable to businesses operating in Florida. Her professional experience includes design and construction law, where she has helped pass legislation to not only address industry regulations but also to abrogate judicial interpretations which were detrimental to the industry. Her experience also includes health care, where she has focused on policies relating to laboratory and hospital regulation, Low Income Pool funding, and Intergovernmental Transfers. In addition, Jessica is also familiar with Florida's appropriations process.  She has worked to secure millions in the state budget for both operating and Public Education Capital Outlay funding on behalf of numerous state colleges. 

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Although Jessica grew up in historic Apalachicola, Florida, she has called Tallahassee home since moving to the Capital City in 1999. She and her husband Andrew, a 7th generation Floridian, are proud parents to their children: daughter Leighton (9), and son Drew (6).

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