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Lateral Attorneys

We experience success in recruiting associates through personal referral.  If you are interested in receiving information on lateral hires, please contact

Job TitleLocationPosted
Litigation AssociateBoca Raton, Florida1/7/2020
Staff Recruitment
Job TitleLocationPosted
Legal SecretaryTallahassee, Florida1/10/2020
Litigation ParalegalTallahassee, Florida1/10/2020

If you are interested in a position as a paralegal, secretary or other staff position, please contact:

Boca Raton    
Debbie Senko P 561-368-3808 Regional Office Administrator

Fort Lauderdale
Debbie Senko P 954-761-8111 Regional Office Administrator

Fort Myers
Bridgett Ashford P 239-598-3601 Office Administrator

Lenita McFeron P 407-843-8880 Regional Office Administrator

Key West
Becky McElroy P 407-843-8880 Human Resources Director

Richard McMullen P 863-284-2200 Chief Operations Officer

Michelle Deering P 321-727-8100 Office Administrator

Leda Wilson P 305-416-6880 Office Administrator

Bridgett Ashford P 239-598-3601 Office Administrator

Lenita McFeron P 407-843-8880 Regional Office Administrator

Jennifer Kobetitsch P 850-577-9090 Office Administrator

Gayle Wetherell P 813-273-5000 Office Administrator

West Palm Beach
Debbie Senko P 954-761-8111 Regional Office Administrator

Washington, DC
Becky McElroy P 407-843-8880 Human Resources Director


Summer Associate Recruiting

Summer Associate Recruiting – GrayRobinson actively recruits at the University of Florida, Florida State University, Stetson University and the University of Miami.  Through the career placement office at each school, we participate in the fall on-campus recruiting programs.  We have a tradition of maintaining productive working relationships with law school alumni programs and sponsor book awards, moot court competitions and other law school activities.

GrayRobinson typically recruits 2nd-year law students who are available to spend their second summer of law school working with us as summer associates. We provide an opportunity for professional development and growth in an atmosphere of collegial internal support and supervision.

On-Campus Recruiting Dates

  • University of Florida - August 15, 2019
  • Stetson University - August 20, 2019
  • Florida State University - August 22, 2019
  • Nova Southeastern University - To Be Determined

While we interview at Florida law schools, we gladly accept resumes from students across the nation.  Please submit resumes, including information about your office preference, to

Diversity Mission Statement
GrayRobinson is committed to excellence and we recognize diversity of ideas and experiences is critical to fulfilling our commitment. That commitment is demonstrated in many ways: by our employment practices and policies which ensure equal opportunity and foster a discrimination and harassment free workplace; opportunities for advancement to shareholder for women and minority lawyers; and our active recruiting efforts at law schools. GrayRobinson continuously reviews its recruiting, hiring, mentoring and training practices and initiatives.

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