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    On January 31st, Governor Ron DeSantis directed Richard Corcoran, Commissioner of Education, to conduct a comprehensive review of Florida’s K-12 academic standards. Commissioner Corcoran will provide recommendations to Governor DeSantis that articulate how Florida will eliminate Common Core standards. Common Core is a set of literacy and math standards used by dozens of states.  Florida began implementing the program in 2011 and has made substantial adaptations to it in the years since.

    The recommendations will also provide a roadmap to ensure Florida’s standards are number one in the nation, include feedback from stakeholders, identify how to increase the quality of instructional curriculum, suggest innovative ways to streamline testing, review civic education opportunities, and identify a pathway for Florida to be the most literate state in the nation.

    Governor Ron DeSantis directed Commissioner Corcoran to submit his recommendations by January 1, 2020. He pledged that the new standards would be created with input from parents and educators.

    In addition to giving Commissioner Corcoran the responsibility of developing an alternative to Common Core, Governor DeSantis issued Executive Order Number 19-31, directing Commissioner Corcoran to meet specific objectives and make recommendations to chart a course for Florida to become number one in the nation in Workforce Education by 2030. The ultimate goal is to ensure Florida students are prepared for the jobs of the future. 

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