Veronica Britton*

401 East Jackson Street
Suite 2700
Post Office Box 3324 (33601-3324)
Tampa, Florida 33602

P 813-273-5000
F 813-273-5145

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Practice Areas

Veronica Britton is a licensing specialist in the Alcohol Beverage and Food Law Department and is based in the Tampa office.  She practices in both the Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco areas of licensing, focusing mainly in Florida licensing of manufacturing, retail, and consumption of alcohol beverages. She  has extensive experience applying for, obtaining, and maintaining alcohol licenses, as well as collateral operating licenses and business permits for alcohol suppliers, distributors and retailers.  Additionally, Veronica has extensive experience working on multi-state licensure projects in connection with corporate mergers and acquisitions.  Prior to GrayRobinson, Veronica spent three years working for the Florida Department of Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco as a licensing specialist. 

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