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301 South Bronough Street
Suite 600
Post Office Box 11189 (32302-3189)
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

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Practice Areas

Kelly has 12 years of experience working with the GrayRobinson Alcohol Beverage and Food Law teams. She is based in the Firm’s Tallahassee office.  Kelly works closely with clients and local, state, and federal government agencies to obtain licenses on or before target dates set by clients. She assists clients with tracking license applications filed until all licenses are approved and issued. She also has the skills and knowledge necessary to help clients maintain their licenses in good standing with local, state and federal licensing government agencies.

In her 12 years of experience, Kelly has worked on single location and multi-location licensing projects throughout the United States resulting from mergers, acquisitions and existing businesses expanding into new markets. Clients who have worked with Kelly comment on her attention to detail, organization, license application and approval process subject matter knowledge, communication skills, government contracts, ability to meet target dates, timely responsiveness, and helpful attitude.

Before Kelly joined GrayRobinson, she worked for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for eight years including the Division of Pari-Mutel Wagering (three years) and the Florida State Boxing Commission (five years) where she served as an assistant to the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director.  After leaving the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, she worked overseas at a law firm in Guam reviewing compliance manuals, licensing requirements, and performing internal audits for clients.

Kelly received her B.A. in Business Administration from Flagler College in 2004.

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Areas of Emphasis
  • Local, state and federal alcohol beverage licensing for retailers, wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, and brand/label registrations
  • Local, state and federal tobacco products and cigarette licensing for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers
  • Local and state food service licensing for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers
  • Local, state and federal professional licensing for a variety of professions/vocations required to be licensed
  • Local, state and federal licensing for a variety of businesses required to be licensed
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