GrayRobinson’s Ruben Gotlieb and Paul Minoff to Present International Real Estate Legal Update

Zoom Webinar | August 10, 2021

GrayRobinson Attorneys Ruben Gotlieb and Paul Minoff, shareholders of the firm’s Miami and Fort Lauderdale offices, will be participating in the "2021 International Real Estate Legal Update: Empowering Business Beyond Borders" Zoom webinar hosted by the Global Business Alliance of Broward, Palm Beaches, and St. Lucie Realtors and the Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, from 9 a.m. to noon EST. Featured topics to include Tax Considerations for Foreign Real Estate Investors, Income Tax Treaty Planning, Strategies for Maintaining Privacy for Foreign Investors, and Proper Use of Entities to Facilitate Real Estate Purchases and Sales by Foreigners.