GrayRobinson’s Deborah La Fleur and Adam M. Miller Obtain Final Summary Judgment in Federal Court for Breach of an Employment Agreement Suit

November 3, 2021

GrayRobinson's Deborah La Fleur and Adam M. Miller successfully represented an employer in a breach of an employment agreement suit in federal court, ultimately resulting in the Court’s granting of the employer’s motion for final summary judgment. In 2019, the Plaintiff was terminated for cause after an investigation into his computing activities revealed he was operating a personal  business using his employer’s equipment on company time. The Plaintiff then filed suit for breach of the employment agreement alleging the reasons outlined for his termination were false and concocted, that he was really terminated without cause, and was therefore entitled to severance benefits in the amount of $400,856.37. The employer moved for final summary judgment arguing it was undisputed that the Plaintiff was terminated for cause.  In response, the Plaintiff argued the reasons given for the termination were pretextual and that the real motivation for the termination was due to the Plaintiff’s complaints about not receiving a bonus and about his compensation.  In granting summary judgment, the Court ruled in part that under Florida law, an employer’s motivation for terminating an employee is irrelevant in breach of employment contract cases. La Fleur and Miller litigated the matter for two years to successfully obtain motion for final summary judgment.