Seth Cohen Provides Advice for Taxpayers on WTSB-Tampa Bay Segment

Orlando, Fla. – March 2, 2021 – GrayRobinson tax Attorney Seth Cohen, of counsel in the Orlando law firm office, was interviewed for the WTSB-Tampa Bay 10 News This Evening at 6:00pm segment. The segment provides information for taxpayers during tax season, including what one should do if he or she has not received a 1099-G form or if the information on the form is incorrect. Cohen advises taxpayers to try to obtain the corrected form, file an extension, or as a last resort, claim an estimate of what the number should be. 

Cohen focuses his practice on taxation, litigation, and arbitration. He represents clients in their interactions with federal, state, and local tax authorities. Cohen can most frequently be found handling his client’s tax examinations and appeals; negotiating federal, state, and multistate voluntary disclosure agreements (reporting tax noncompliance in exchange for leniency); defending clients in criminal tax matters; making application to the IRS and/or states for rulings as to the tax treatment of transactions; reorganizations, transfer pricing, late election relief, and accounting method changes; and defending against tax penalties and enforced tax collection (e.g., tax liens and levies, collection administrative appeals, installment agreements, and offers in compromise). He also assists clients by reviewing their U.S. tax planning and tax positions in order to provide a realistic understanding of the possibility of surviving governmental scrutiny (i.e., investigation, audit, or examination) without additional tax and/or penalty.