GrayRobinson Nationwide Alcohol Beverage Team’s Article Cited on Vox

Tampa, Fla. – August 5, 2020 – An article written by the GrayRobinson nationwide alcohol beverage team was cited as a reference in the Vox article “It’s Easier Than Ever to Make Hand Sanitizer. But Eased Restrictions Have Come with Consequences.” The Vox article discusses the dangers in the expansion of the hand sanitizer industry but highlights the opportunity it has presented entrepreneurs at a time when many businesses are struggling to get by. “Amid the growing demand for hand sanitizer, the FDA waived certain regulations for its production, paving a new way for the industry by allowing nontraditional manufacturers like distilleries and perfumers to produce their own sanitizers,” the article states. Vox links this statement to the GrayRobinson article, “FDA and TTB Temporarily Lift Regulations Governing Hand Sanitizer in Light of COVID-19, Allowing Distilleries and Unlicensed Manufacturers to Produce Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers,” written by shareholder Anna M. Wiand, government consultant Dave Bateman, government consultant Charles Tull and law clerk Lauren Voke.