Business Contingency Litigation

The majority of litigation matters that GrayRobinson handles are best served under traditional billing arrangements. On occasion, a client’s needs may be best served with an alternate arrangement, whereby our clients provide us with the factual basis for a claim and suggest that they would prefer to partner with us with an allocated distribution of the risk of the time that attorneys’ will spend in prosecution of the case, or, less commonly, but possibly, on the defense of the case.

We believe in partnering with our clients on these cases, if we both agree that it makes good sense to do so. We go through a stringent underwriting process in an effort to ensure that both our clients and the Firm will be fairly rewarded for such an undertaking. There can be no greater assurance that we believe in a client’s case than being willing to accept risk with them, and to share in reward on a success only basis.

Unlike the vast majority of traditional law firms, our business contingency litigation group is not testing the water. Our group leadership has long been at the forefront of this paradigm shift and has many prior years of successful experience and implementation of these alternative arrangements. We know the advantages and pitfalls of such alternative arrangements, and can allow you to make an informed decision about whether such a model will work for you.

Not every case is suitable for consideration on an alternate fee basis. But if your case is suitable, we will both analyze and determine whether to underwrite the risk of the time spent by our attorneys on these matters.

If you feel that such an arrangement might interest you, consult with your GrayRobinson professional about the suitability of your claim for consideration under such a structure.