Matt Roepstorff Featured in Res Gestae

FORT MYERS, FL – January 14, 2020 – Matthew Roepstorff, of counsel in GrayRobinson’s Fort Myers law firm office, was featured in the January 2020 issue of the Lee County Bar Association's Res Gestae. His feature, "Roepstorff Packs 2020 Agenda with Significant Issues," covers major topics of conversation and concern that will shape 2020 and beyond that are at the top of his agenda and vision as the new president of the Lee County Bar Association (LCBA). The hemp industry, felon voting rights, gun control, immigration and laws that govern lobbying efforts are among the topics Roepstorff will target during monthly LCBA luncheons, open to those in the legal professional and community stakeholders. He wants these issues to be discussed and debated, not just among those inside the legal profession but also those outside in other professions. That's why he wants to open the monthly luncheons to the public, so they can hear important information from industry experts.

What drives his agenda is a desire to better communicate key issues that impact the daily lives of Bar members. "The impetus for me, when I think of the Bar Association is, No. 1, facilitate the advancement of the profession," said Ropestorff, who will be sworn in as the LCBA's 70th president on January 24, 2020. "We advocate for our members for best policies and best practices." 

Roepstorff's approach to issues impacting the Bar not only stems from his passion for the law, but also his respect for colleagues. "Protecting the reputation of the Bar. This is huge for me," Roepstorff stated. "There are so many judges and members of the Association I have the highest level of respect for. There is a lot of responsibility to do the best you can for the people who put their trust in you." 

Last, Roepstorff wants to look at ways to create associate LCBA members, so that people who are not involved in the legal profession, can join and participate in issues that impact the community. This would require changes in the bylaws by vote of the membership, which he hopes to get done this year. Read the full feature here.