Joel Hirschhorn, Brian Bieber, and Andrew Sarangoulis Author Article for Best Lawyers

MIAMI, FL – September 20, 2019 – GrayRobinson's Miami law firm office white collar criminal defense attorneys Joel Hirschhorn, shareholder, Brian Bieber, shareholder, and Andrew Sarangoulis, associate, authored the Best Lawyers article, “Bluff, Bluster, Badger, Beg & Barrister: Pursuing Favorable Outcomes in White-Collar Defense When the Deck is Stacked." The article is featured in the publication's Summer 2019 Business Litigation issue and discusses options in dealing with local Offices of the United States Attorneys (USAO) or the Department of Justice when the deck is stacked against the "target." 

Hirschhorn, Bieber, and Sarangoulis walk through a scenario with a recently retained criminal defense lawyer for a company's CEO whose office was raided by a task force of law enforcement agents from the FBI, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and the IRS –  surrounding "light" tax fraud. "Bluffing, blustering, and badgering rarely work, but begging may," they emphasize.

While often romanticized, a criminal defense attorney's role frequently comes down to good old-fashioned, hat-in-hand begging – one of their best and – sometimes – only negotiating tools which is rarely depicted in movies, on television, and in print. Pleading for mercy is usually the last desired route, however if it secures a win, therein lies the answer. The authors continue, "When representing those charged with serious criminal conduct, the zealous advocate must be prepared to set personal pride aside, roll up their sleeves, and for the work others are not willing to do, particularly in cases where the client is less than sympathetic and/or the prosecutor is unreasonably hardheaded and has a virtually unassailable case." 

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