Dean Cannon Quoted in Law360

TALLAHASSEE, FL – January 2, 2020 – Dean Cannon, GrayRobinson’s president and chief executive officer, is featured in the Law360 article “Florida Legislation to Watch in 2020.” In the article published on January 1, 2020, Cannon is quoted discussing Florida legislation/regulation to watch for 2020 and top priorities for state leaders.

Following what was widely viewed as a highly productive first year in power for Florida's governor, House speaker and Senate president, lawyers and government specialists say the stage appears set to seek further gains in priority areas of healthcare, transportation and the environment, and take on a variety of challenging additional issues.

Cannon and other experts weighed in on topics that are likely to gain attention in Tallahassee in 2020, including budgets, environment, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, medical marijuana, and even gaming.

“All government decision making is a balancing of interests, and transportation is a good example,” he said. “If we know we’re an attractive place and people want to move here, then the smarter thing to do is build transportation infrastructure in advance.”

Legalization of marijuana remains in flux, but according to Cannon, there seems to be enough public comfort that everything is on the table – however further attempts to change the rules could also just lead to more litigation.

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