GrayRobinson’s Richard Blau Quoted in Insurance Quotes' "The State of Cannabis and the Insurance Industry: 2021 Report"

Tampa, Fla. – April 12, 2021 – Attorney Richard M. Blau, shareholder and chair of GrayRobinson’s alcohol beverage law, food law, and cannabis industry law groups, was quoted in the Insurance Quotes article "The State of Cannabis and the Insurance Industry: 2021 Report." The article reveals that U.S. consumers are seeking answers about how marijuana possession and use will be handled by their own personal insurance policies. Blau explains to the publication that the inconsistency between state and federal law can wreck the enforcement of contracts between an insurer and its clients. "So, on the one hand, you have a lot of insurance companies that operate in many different states, which means they arguably fall under federal jurisdiction. They’re worried their charters could be challenged under federal law if they write policies that include coverage for cannabis loss," said Blau. "But you also have what I think is the larger issue of judicial precedents that says cannabis-related insurance contracts are not enforceable under federal law."