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    TAMPA, FL — November 6, 2019 — Cannabis law attorney Anna Wiand, is quoted in the article “Cannabis Extractor, Regulatory Attorney Talk Vape Ban,” published on November 4 in The New York Daily Weed Report. The article discusses the regulation of vape bans to eliminate dangerous synthetics.

    Wiand notes that, “the pending nationwide vape ban would likely be solved state by state due to the bans being enacted by executive order. As a general matter, executive action leaders, which are governors, in this case, do have authority to do things like this for public health and safety reasons, and that is sort of the guise I have seen coming up. However, for example, in the New York case, it wasn’t that the governor just passed the ban, it was the New York Public Health and Health Planning Council,” she explains.

    Additionally, Wiand explains that the, “e-cigarette vape bans, which are being appealed nationwide by small businesses and associations, are becoming an undue burden on the industry. One day, something that you are selling is completely legal, and the next day all of your product is no longer legal.”

    She emphasized that when and if the bans are lifted and e-cigarettes return to market in some states, taxation will be the next issue to tackle. “In the context of vape products, you have shops that are essentially manufacturing the liquid, so it is a different process to tax and has been very interesting to watch from a regulatory perspective.”

    To read the full the article, click here.

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