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Travis Johnson has fifteen years of leadership experience on Capitol Hill as a former Senate Deputy Chief of Staff, working to develop strategies to pass significant bills into law in a difficult and challenging political environment. His background and knowledge of both Senate and House process and policy advances the most challenging issues of the day.

His most recent position was Deputy Chief of Staff to a senior member of the Senate Banking Committee, where he focused on bringing together bipartisan partnerships to get things accomplished within Congress. In this capacity, Travis led passage of one of the few bipartisan bills of the day, to allow patients with diseases to lead more independent lives. Travis also authored and led the effort to enact a requirement that one member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors have either community banking experience or community bank supervisory experience.

In addition to holding a top position in the Senate, Travis also served former Representative Tom Price, handling the congressman’s assignment on the House Financial Services Committee. Travis also served as the Legislative Director to John Shadegg, managing his legislative team and developing his policy agenda. During the 2015-2016 cycle, he ran a top tier gubernatorial campaign as the lead policy advisor.

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Travis is a senior government affairs consultant based in the Washington, DC office. He is a graduate of the of the College of William and Mary where he earned his degree in Government.  

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  • Guest Speaker, Florida Surety Association 3rd Quarter Meeting, Tampa, Florida, August 15, 2019
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