Alicia Williams*

401 East Jackson Street
Suite 2700
Post Office Box 3324 (33601-3324)
Tampa, Florida 33602

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Alicia Williams is a licensing specialist in the Alcohol Beverage, Food and Hospitality departments and is located in the Tampa office.  Alicia works closely with clients and applicants,  preparing applications and related documents for clients seeking various licenses, permits and authorizations from federal, state and local governments. She focuses on serving clients in the hospitality industry and she regularly consults with personnel from government agencies, such as the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, Zoning Authorities and the Department of Revenue as well as other organizations regarding consumer services.

Prior to joining GrayRobinson, Alicia worked with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for more than ten years. She started as a technical services specialist and rose through the ranks to become a senior departmental Supervisor. During that time, Alicia assisted and consulted alcohol beverage and tobacco manufacturers, importers, distributors and retail vendors with the completion and submission of alcohol beverage and tobacco licensure applications.

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