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    MIAMI, FL – January 2, 2019 - GrayRobinson’s customs attorney Peter Quinter, chair of the firm’s U.S. Customs and International Trade Law practice group and located in the Miami law firm and Fort Lauderdale law firm offices, authored the opinion piece “US-China Trade War Has No Winner, Additional Tariffs Hurt Both Sides,” published in the International Business Times.

    In his article, Quinter discusses the trade war Trump declared on China, explaining, “Since the tariffs went into effect July 6, the predicted results were: (1) retaliatory tariffs by China against U.S. products imported into China, (2) increased transshipments of products made in China through a second country that eventually are shipped to the U.S. disguised as being made in the second country, and (3) increased costs to U.S. consumers of Chinese products.” What wasn’t expected was for Chinese products shipped to the U.S. to actually increase in the second half of 2018. To read the full article, please visit the International Business Times website.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the current customs laws, please contact our customs lawyerPeter Quinter.

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