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    TAMPA, FL – October 9, 2019 – Alcohol and food law attorney Elizabeth DeConti, shareholder in GrayRobinson’s Tampa law firm office, and government consultant John Harris, published an article in the October 2019 Southern Beverage Journal, Florida Edition Magazine. As many retailers’ concerns on how to keep their premises safe have been escalating, “Unforeseeable Consequences: What’s Your Liability?” discusses retailers’ liability if a violent altercation, such as a shooting incident or a bar fight, took place on their licensed property.

    The article explains that these types of events involving alcohol are evaluated under the same legal standards as other acts of violence that occur in a licensed premise. However, the interplay of an applicable dram shop statute may make the negligence or negligent security analysis more complicated. To prevent a “foreseeable” negative event, DeConti and Harris advise that business owners should be watchful over their premises to observe how their guests are interacting with each other. They also recommend owners to formulate a responsible service of alcohol policy, minimize the number of locations where alcohol is served within the establishment, and train employees in the appropriate way to respond when a guest appears intoxicated. Finally, the article explains the importance of reviewing their insurance policy. Subscribers may read the full article here.

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